Concalma – Graphic Design

Concalma is a distinct brand founded in 2006 that has had great customer acceptance and has proven to be resilient. The competitive advantage of Concalma comes from the consolidation achieved at Concalma The Store, a brick-and-mortar operation that supplies quality designer products, including its best selling product line of tote bags designed by Concalma’s founder Matilsha Marxuach. The bags are manufactured at an industrial women-owned factory in Utuado, Puerto Rico. The store also supports products of other local designers. The communication strategy of Concalma aims to raise awareness of fair trade, the importance of local design and manufacturing as well as promoting sustainable practices. Concalma’s mission is to combine functionality, quality and creative design into its products with sustainable, social and responsible actions, creating a unique bundle of physical, emotional and conceptual values.
Project in collaboration with Jorge Lopez Chocarro